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Monthly Goals + Resources

Monthly Goals

  • Milestone 9 – Apply for Scholarships


As you start comparing your award letters, consider using Moneythink’s DecidEd app! This free app allows you to create your own account, add schools, and start comparing fit factors and any financial aid packages you’ve received today. Check their website to download the FREE app:

Also check out the live demo to learn how the app works:

College transition checklist: Please review this helpful college transition checklist. Your students should also carefully consult their specific college enrollment checklist to ensure that they don’t miss out on any important action items before starting school this fall.


Read the latest Coach newsletter and celebrate your student by adding to our virtual Kudos Board!

FAFSA & Financial Aid Goals

Do you have questions about financial aid? We recommend reaching out to our Varsity Coaches and visiting our college toolkit to review resources available for Financial Aid. We recommend that you support your students in gathering the necessary documents required to submit their applications. Our recommended deadline for students to submit their financial aid applications is December 15th.

COVID-19 Counselor Toolkit

This kit contains information regarding resources, opportunities, information, and updates to better assist and inform students and their families.


Community & Support Platforms

To access passwords, learn more about and take advantage of platforms available to you as a ScholarMatch college coach, CLICK HERE!

Class of 2022 Corner

We can’t wait to hear about how your first meeting went with your newly matched student(s).

Please submit your first coach report for the Class of 2022 by May 8 if you were matched before April 31.

If you have yet to meet, please let us know this in your coach report and when your first scheduled meeting is. If you are still waiting to be matched, don’t worry, we will continue matching through early fall.

College Toolkit

The College Toolkit is our resource bank/archive documents, guides, and links on topics as wide ranging as how to build a balance college list, how to submit the FAFSA, scholarship lists, and more.

If you have resources you think should be added to the toolkit, we’d love to consider them!

Quick Links

Data Tracking & Reporting Needs: For students in C/O 2021 you will only need to submit Coach Reports. Read through this document for more details.

Milestones: Students are required to submit their College Ready Milestones, along with occasional other check-ins. Review the new milestones here.

Student Support Playbook: Review the playbook before your first conversation with students!


College Ready Milestones

You’re encouraged to look through our Milestones page for an overview of the year’s work ahead!

Please note that the majority of these dates represent only a suggested deadline to help keep you and your students on track – we recognize that each student has different needs and works through the process at a different pace.


Student Communication and Engagement

Helpful Student Communication Guides

Have you been matched with a student who isn’t responding? Has your scholar gone radio silent after you began working together? Is your student rescheduling all your meetings? We know from precedent that this unfortunately happens with a small number of our students each year, so we’ve created a few guides to help you out and clarify our expectations.

2020-2021 Program Calendar

Training Modules

Feel free to review the Training Modules and Onboarding if you need a refresher, especially as the relevant phases of of the admissions process (list-building, personal statement editing, etc.) roll around!

San Francisco Convening 2019 Materials

Weren’t able to make it to the Convening?

No problem! 

Click here to review the presentations covered during the 2019 Volunteer Convening in San Francisco, CA