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Welcome to your one-stop shop for volunteering with ScholarMatch!

Volunteer Recruitment!

We Need Your Help! 

In the last year, ScholarMatch provided free, personalized college admissions counseling to over 1,300 under-resourced high school seniors from the class of 2023. Now, we invite YOU to be a part of our impactful work! As we gear up for our 2024-2025 Destined for College program, we’re seeking to support even more students. Join us in spreading the word; encourage your friends, family, and connections to join the cause and become college coaches too! Together, let’s make a meaningful impact.

How to Help

1. Refer to our Referral Toolkit
2. Share our volunteer opportunity with your networks


Refer Interested Volunteers to Our Upcoming Info Sessions! 

For those who are interested but would like to learn more, please direct them to our upcoming DC Info Sessions! The Zoom links and our recorded session is posted below:

DC Info Session Recording: Passcode: $5&N^tz4

Monthly Goals + Announcements + Tools

Read the latest 24-25 Coach newsletter!

🎯 Monthly Goals 🎯

  • Milestone 2: Support students in exploring what they are looking for in a college and research colleges that will challenge them academically.
  • Milestone 3 (if applicable): Check schools’ SAT/ACT test policies and help students determine if testing is right for them.
  • Milestone 13 (If applicable): Help students request a teacher recommendation letter.
  • Milestone 14: Help students apply to fly-in programs. Please note these upcoming deadlines.

Head over to our College-Ready Milestones page to learn more about available resources and deadlines. 

Resources For July

Some Recorded Webinars & Training Opportunities!

FAFSA Resources Webinar (provided by NACAC)



WACAC Camp College!

WACAC is excited to offer a pilot of Camp College, a 3 session virtual boot camp for YOUR students. If you aren’t able to offer an application boot camp to serve all of your students, the WACAC team of college admissions experts is here for you. All sessions will be on Wednesday afternoons at 4pm Pacific, beginning on August 7th. Every week will be covering a new topic!

Registration Link & Documents

Virtual Coach Orientation and Meet and Greet 

This event is a great opportunity to connect and network with fellow college coaches and ScholarMatch staff. We will also provide programming updates, including what to expect for this program year. We hope you can make it, but there will be more opportunities in the future, so stay tuned! This event is on Tuesday, July 23rd, from 3-4 pm PST. Register HERE.

Coach Coffee Chats!

Join us on Thursday, July 25th, 3-4pm PST. to chat with ScholarMatch staff and other coaches regarding any questions you may have about advising, finding resources, or just for a quick pulse check. Coffee is not required, but we hope you’ll drop-in! If you miss this one, we will have another on Tuesday, Aug 6th 11-12pm PST.

External Webinars to Check Out


Resources & Scholarships

  • Here is a list of scholarships with July & August deadlines. We have also included the Immigrants Rising scholarship list for undocumented students.

FAFSA Resources 


ScholarMatch Resources and College-Ready Milestones

Training Modules

Feel free to review the Training Modules and Onboarding if you need a refresher, especially as the relevant phases of of the admissions process (list-building, personal statement editing, etc.) roll around!

College-Ready Milestones

Please note that the milestone deadlines are suggested. If a deadline has passed, know that there is still time to submit the milestone forms. If your student has completed a milestone, please encourage them to mark it as completed on the College-Ready Milestones page. Each milestone has resources to help students navigate each step of the process.


2024-2025 Program Calendar

Quick Links

Quick Links


Have questions? We’ve created this guide that can point you in the right direction.

Student Communication and Engagement

Student Communication and Engagement

Have you been matched with a student who isn’t responding or is constantly rescheduling meetings? We know from precedent that this unfortunately happens with a small number of our students each year, so we’ve created a few guides to help you out and clarify our expectations.

Connect with other Coaches

Community – Connect with other Coaches

To learn more about and take advantage of platforms available to you as a ScholarMatch college coach, CLICK HERE!
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