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ScholarMatch and the Watermark
Conference for Women:
A Match Made In Heaven

Our Partnership

The Watermark Conference for Women has partnered with ScholarMatch to champion underserved young women who will be first in their families to go to college.  This partnership not only supports student’s success as they navigate the college application process and make their way through college and into professional careers; it also provides dynamic community engagement opportunities to conference attendees and sponsors.  There are several easy and authentic ways that you can get involved!


ScholarMatch students are diverse, talented, highly-motivated, and multi-lingual! You or you HR team can filter and search on our Student Gallery to quickly view and message students who would be a great fit for internships at your company.  In doing so, you’ll help students connect with the work experiences and networks they’ll need to launch their careers.


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Virtual College Coaches are matched with incoming high school seniors and equipped with thorough training and support from our staff to help students navigate the college admissions process. By volunteering just a few hours a month, you can create life-changing opportunities for students.


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Beginning in summer 2019, you can sign up to become a Virtual Career Coach for a college senior looking for a job in your industry.  Over 6 months, your advice on networking, resume building and interviewing will help a student successfully launch their career!


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Too many first-generation students drop-out of college because of financial limitations and emergencies beyond the cost of tuition. ScholarMatch’s targeted scholarship funds ensure that students can buy textbooks, pay housing deposits, engage in social activities, and more. The Watermark Conference for Women has supported college scholarships for two young women from the Bay Area, Jialin and Ella. The Conference is excited to follow these students’ progress over the next four years as they pursue their bachelor’s degrees.

Start a Scholarship Campaign!

Start a Scholarship Campaign!


ScholarMatch is driven by student needs, robust data collection, and cutting-edge research. As a result, our students succeed at extraordinary rates.

Your generous support allows me to pursue my dreams. Your belief in me encourages me to persevere. I am, without a doubt, grateful for this community.

Anabell, UC Santa Cruz, c/o 2019

These students are among the brightest and most thoughtful people I have met. Working with them truly is a privilege.

Carla Q, volunteer

I have learned that I should never give up on myself. I have come this far and I will never quit. It is not in my character.

Jose Luis S., student

You have no idea what it means to have your support. It motivates me to give back to my community.

Sally U., student
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