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About the Program

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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Wondering about how ScholarMatch serves students like you? Watch the video above, and check out this YouTube playlist. You can also read about student success stories on our Medium page, and listen to a recent NPR piece on the program here.

Friendly Reminders

Goals for March: 

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? Review and compare your offers of financial aid
? Celebrate your college acceptances
? Connect w/ current students & alums at schools you’re considering!
? Finding local scholarships + getting creative with your search
? Scholarship organization + essay strategies

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Campus Ambassador Network

Connect with Alums/Students at colleges you’re considering!


We know that deciding which college you’ll attend can be a hard decision!
One great way to help you in making your final decision is to connect with current students and alumni at your top colleges.We’re excited to introduce our Campus Ambassador Network to help making your college decision a little easier! In the network, you’ll find ScholarMatch coaches who have attended the college(s) you’re interested in attending! You can reach out to these coaches to ask any question you might have about the campus or their college experience.

To find coaches who have attended your top colleges, type your college’s name in the search bar on the upper righthand corner. You’ll then see all relevant coach profiles!

We also encourage you to reach out to current undergraduate students at your top schools! CollegePoint will also be reaching out with an upcoming offer to connect you with current college students who were in your shoes last year or the year before, so stay tuned!

Not sure what questions to ask your Campus Ambassador? We’ve compiled a list of questions for you here!


Finding Local Scholarships!

Finding Local Scholarships & Getting Organized!

The month of March is a great time to find local scholarships and getting organized with your applications and essays! Please see below for strategies and tips.

  • Tip 1: Stop by your high school college counseling center to find local scholarships or ask your teachers for a list. Many local organizations will drop off paper applications to high schools and not advertise them anywhere else. Make sure to also check the website of your high school and the websites of other high school districts. You may find a really great list of local scholarships in your area! Finally, check in with organizations you are involved in such as volunteer groups, religious institutions you attend, or the local library.
  • Tip 2: Utilize an online organizer! Use this tracker to organize your scholarship application deadlines to keep all your information in one place and help your to-dos feel more manageable.
  • Tip 3: Learn about the scholarship organization, their mission, and their values! Visit the scholarship organization’s website and learn more about who they are, their programs, and their mission. Being able to show that you’ve done your research goes a long way!


Financial Aid Terminology & Verification Melt

Work Study?! Federal Subsidized Loan? Unmet Need?!

As you start receiving financial aid award letters, you will come across financial aid terminology that may be unfamiliar at first. Please take a look at this Financial Aid Glossary document to help you out, and go over any terms or concepts you’re not sure about with your coach.

Have you been selected for verification?
If your EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) from your SAR (Student Aid Report) which you received after submitting your FAFSA has an asterisk (*) next to it, this means you have been flagged for verification. The process can be a bit overwhelming and confusing, and failure to submit all documentation required can derail your ability to receive federal or institutional aid. But don’t fear! We recommend the following:
  • Gather important financial aid documents such as tax returns or W-2s from your parents.
  • If your parents did not file taxes, fill out the non-tax filing form or notify your school.
  • If your parents are nervous about providing this information, please let them know that the information provided for the FAFSA or for schools is not shared with anyone else due to privacy reasons.
  • Refer to these guides, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your coach or contact ScholarMatch directly for help at

Previous Monthly Goals

Want to review monthly goals from the past few months? We didn’t want to clog this page up, but we have them all archived for you! Just click here to access them.