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Kayne Scholars

Welcome to your Kayne Scholars information source!


Kayne Scholars provides college students with the tools they need to succeed in college and pivot into a STEM or Business-related career.

Starting freshman year, students have a dedicated college advisor from ScholarMatch. Starting sophomore year, you will also have a career mentor coach from America Needs You and participate in career development workshops.

Kayne Scholars also receive targeted financial support each year:

  • $1,500 School-Related Expense Funds
  • $500 Activity Funds
  • $3,000 Loan Repayment Funds (awarded upon graduation, 5-year maximum)
  • Career Development Funds (if needed)
  • Emergency Funds (if needed)

We look forward to being part of your support system on your college journey!

Upcoming Events

Orientation (high school seniors joining the program only): April 27, 2019

Renewal Application (current continuing college students only): May 3, 2019

One Down (current freshmen/rising sophomores only) June 20, 2019

Summer Bridge Program Orientation (rising college freshmen) June 28, 2019

Summer Bridge Program (rising college freshmen) July 8 – August 1, 2019

Pathways to College (rising college freshmen) August 2, 2019

Winter Gathering (incoming freshmen only) January 4, 2020

Core Values

Now recruiting volunteers to serve as college coaches! Click here to apply!!