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Kayne Scholars

Welcome to your Kayne Scholars information source!


Kayne Scholars provides college students with the tools they need to succeed in college and pivot into a STEM or Business-related career.

Starting freshman year, students have a dedicated college advisor from ScholarMatch. Starting sophomore year, you will also have a career mentor coach from America Needs You and participate in career development workshops.

Kayne Scholars also receive targeted financial support each year:

  • $1,500 School-Related Expense Funds
  • $500 Activity Funds
  • $3,000 Loan Repayment Funds (awarded upon graduation, 5-year maximum)
  • Career Development Funds (if needed)
  • Emergency Funds (if needed)

We look forward to being part of your support system on your college journey!

Upcoming Events

Orientation (high school seniors joining the program only): April 27, 2019

Renewal Application (current continuing college students only): May 3, 2019

One Down (current freshmen/rising sophomores only) June 20, 2019

Summer Bridge Program Orientation (rising college freshmen) June 28, 2019

Summer Bridge Program (rising college freshmen) July 8 – August 1, 2019

Pathways to College (rising college freshmen) August 2, 2019

Winter Gathering (incoming freshmen only) January 4, 2020

Core Values

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