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We connect students with colleges, online tools, and one-on-one advising

Student Services

Through our Destined for College program, we offer free college admission advising for US high school juniors and seniors who are the first in their family to attend college. From building their college list to making their college decision, we guide students through the whole process. Our services are virtual-only, and available for students in the San Francisco Bay Area. For additional support, please email


Junior-Senior College-Ready Milestones

Are you a member of this year’s or next year’s graduating class? Then visit our College-Ready Milestones page to learn more about the steps you need to complete to be college-ready! Track your progress with these free resources.


Online Resources

Our online resources are free and available for students across the country. Visit our Online Resources page to learn more about these tools, such as the ScholarMatcher—our in-house college research tool—a scholarship search tool, and a milestone tracker to help start your college journey.


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