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Scholars Program

Our Scholars Program provides scholarships and support services all the way to college graduation.



Students in ScholarMatch’s Destination College programs are invited to apply to our Scholars Program – a support program through college graduation that includes advising, career mentoring, and financial support from one of our scholarship partners.

To be eligible, students must complete the “Prepare” and “Apply” ScholarMatch College-Ready Milestones and have an EFC of under $20,000 and be first-generation college students. Preference is given to students who are Pell Eligible.

Applications for the class of 2022 will open on March 1, 2022.


Please read the following policies regarding Community College & duplicative services.

Community College Policy: ScholarMatch is conducting research and evaluation on community college students, in particular the unique challenges of attending community college (e.g impacted classes, lack of proper advising and academic resources) and navigating the transfer process. While we focus on finalizing and refining our model in advising community college students we are pausing on supporting community colleges until we have the adequate systems in place to support our students and college advisors.

Duplicative – persistence support: If students will receive scholarships with extensive persistence support (e.g. Posse, Fiat Lux,etc) similar to our program we ask that students choose one program to avoid duplication of services. This allows ScholarMatch to select a student who is not receiving extensive holistic persistence and financial support.


February 16: Information Session

March 1: Application opens

April 8: Application closes

May 5:  Interview Selection Notifications Sent

May 10: Student Interview Overview Webinar

May 16 to 27: Virtual Interviews

June 1: Selected Scholars Notified

June 17: Deadline for students to accept scholarship offer

Dynamic Advising

Scholars are matched with a college advisor, a ScholarMatch staff member who will support students with all things college.




Career Mentoring

Scholars learn career readiness skills, attend career workshops, and work with volunteer career coaches to receive support in creating professional documents, finding internships, and building their professional networks.



Financial Support

Scholars are eligible for $5,000 of financial support per year for school-related expenses (such as books or transportation), campus activities, student loans, and emergencies. Student loan funds are awarded upon college graduation.



Scholarship Partners

Below is the list of various scholarship partners for 2022 with their eligibility criteria and the number of scholarships awarded.