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Xiu Ying Li Yu

San Francisco, CA

College: UC Berkeley
Career Goal: Business Consultant
Year: College Junior
Major: Business Administration, Spanish

About Me: As a person of Chinese descent born and raised in Mexico, life was different for me compared to everybody else. I grew up learning three different languages at the same time.

While at school I was treated equally and respected by my peers, but on the streets it was different. People would look at me and imitate my eyes and language and even curse at my race. I pretended not to care, but it hurt.  After realizing that being trilingual and working hard at school had advantages, I wanted to take these skills to further my future goals.

I knew my goals in life: going to college and opening my own business. I wanted to go to America and my parents supported my dream. Before finishing 8th grade my parents told me that I would move to San Francisco to study with my sister and live with my grandparents. If it was not for all the support of my loved ones I would not be able to be where I am today.

Fall 2016 College Update: For this school year, I'm excited to explore the different concentrations within business by taking classes at the Haas School of Business and taking advantage of career/professional opportunities. This summer I worked at 826 Valencia as an Educational Program Intern, where I taught English, Science, and Zumba to elementary children from underserved backgrounds

Interests and Accomplishments: Latino Business Student Association, Haas mentor, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, Immigration Services Volunteer, E4FC's (Educators for Fair Consideration) Immigrants for Inclusion & Change



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Xiu Ying says,

"Education, hard work, struggles, practice of values, lessons, and a balance between school family and social life are my keys to success."