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Winny Chan

San Francisco, CA

College: University of the Pacific
Career Goal: Pharmacist
Year: College Junior
Major: Pharmacy

About Me: I joined debate to overcome my fear of public speaking. This fear had occupied me for years and prevented me from achieving higher goals: joining clubs and making new friends. I finally saw the connection between communication and friendship, and realized that the opportunity to join a community does not come to you but you have to grab it.

Standing on the spacious floor at the debate tournament, I was once again faced with intimidating eyes. I felt determined to not let my fear overtake my heart again and delivered my speech. Three minutes passed quickly. I had finally jumped over the wall that blocked my path. It felt like a dream. I finally opened myself to the rest of the world.

Over the next year, I asked more questions in class and went out with friends more. I noticed that I wanted to be more involved in everything and take on leadership. I even smiled more. I have more confidence in myself now. I can imagine myself leading projects in organizations that may change society.

Fall 2016 College Update: As I start the Pharmacy school program, I am most excited about meeting more people who have the same career goal as me. I can't wait to learn more about the different drugs used to treat diseases. This past summer, I went to South Korea with my friends. It was my first step in becoming more independent.

Interests and Accomplishments: Undergraduate Research, healthcare outreach fairs, badminton



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Winny says,

"Life is not just about making the most out of it. Otherwise, life would be meaningless."