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Travis Greer

Greater Bay Area, CA

College: United States Military Academy at West Point
Career Goal: Orthopedic Surgeon
Year: College Freshman
Expected Major: Kinesiology

About Me: Being trapped in a house with no electricity and constant phone calls from my mother who was trapped in the garage could break most people. But not me. I was raised in Jackson, MS and I am a survivor of the horrendous Hurricane Katrina. Having such a traumatic event that I survived gave me the ability to always has a optimistic view on life. If I could make it out of there, I knew I could make it anywhere. As a result of the hurricane my family and I lost our home. However, we did not give up on one another. I took a leadership role as a mature nine year old, straight A student, and a big brother.

Soon a blessing disguised as a phone call brought my family and I to San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point community. Here in this community I have capitalized on the importance of family and resources to create many great opportunities for myself. All I needed was perseverance to obtain and keep these resources. With these opportunities I plan to go to medical school and become an orthopedic surgeon.

Fall 2016 College Update:  Summer was absolutely incredible. I spent it traveling and enjoying the simple things like lunch and movies with my loved ones. Then, I came back to West Point for basic training and soared through the training; however, the six weeks dragged on longer than I expected. I am excited for the ability to show West Point my true potential and OWN THESE CLASSES. I am also excited to travel the country through many clubs.

Interests and Accomplishments: Scout Masters Club, Investment Club, basketball, fraternity



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Donation Needed: $-500.00

Travis says,

"The wisdom I have gained through my struggles has taught me to never give up on my dreams or myself."