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Andrea Delgadillo

San Francisco, CA

College: California Lutheran University
Career Goal: CEO, Event Planner
Year: College Junior
Major: Communications, French

About Me: In 2005, my younger brother developed epilepsy. As he grew older his visits to the hospital and number of tests became endless. It was finally in 2010 when my family and I received a sense of hope. He was to receive two brain surgeries that would hopefully help reduce his seizures.

Through his recovery time in Intensive Care, I opened myself to a new community. There I met a girl who was dying from leukemia and I realized that could have been me. This made me upset at myself because I noticed that I had been given the opportunity to live life to fullest, but up to that point I was not taking advantage of that gift.

As my freshman year started I began volunteering alongside my older sister in a center for people with disabilities. That is when I decided to take a risk. The motivation of wanting to break through my hesitant self drove me to run for Freshman Class Co-President. I did not know what I was about to encounter but I kept gaining confidence through thinking how I was able to do things that others can't. Winning the election changed my life that year. I was able to see that taking risks is not bad but a great thing.

Fall 2016 College Update: I am most excited to continue building the relationships with my peers, and mentors at CLU since I was away for a semester studying in D.C. I am excited to take major courses and really explore my major. The best highlight of my summer was being able to go to a Justin Bieber concert in Florida with my cousin, Brianna.

Interests and Accomplishments: Presidential host, French club



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Donation Needed: $2,235.00

Andrea says,

"With hard work and determination, anything is possible."