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Happy February! This month (and newsletter) is all about spreading the love. We’ve started 2019 on such a positive note, thanks to your support: thank you to our in-center volunteers who have helped our high school students apply for scholarships, and to the companies who have recently partnered with us to provide internship opportunities for our college scholars.

Thank you for supporting ScholarMatch and the incredible students that we serve! We ? you.

Check out our student quote of the month, which we chose to celebrate International Women in Science Day on February 11th:
“Being a woman studying Engineering has become more important to me now that I’m in college. When I first started [college], there were barely any women in my club, Ingenieros Unidos. Now that I’m a junior, there are more women than men [in the club], and our club is hosting its very first Female Empowerment Conference.”
– Jenniffer, Environmental Engineering
UC Merced, Class of 2020

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