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College Coach

Having a college degree is one of the most powerful ways to increase economic mobility in society. However, first-generation college students face the unique challenge of having little to no guidance applying to college.

As a college coach, you can transform a student’s life by supporting them through every step of the college application process. College coaches provide life-changing mentorship to help our students navigate applying for college.

Career Coach

Support our college students as they prepare to launch their careers! As a career coach you will work virtually with your student to help them navigate the complex—and often intimidating—process of landing an internship or job. Your mentorship goes beyond editing a resume – you’ll be equipping our students with the tools, support, and network needed to confidently break into today’s workforce.

Volunteer career coaches can choose to match with a student for a season, or join a community of professionals who are available to our students for one-off questions and support.

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