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You can help fundraise for our students! Name a scholarship after a loved one or celebrate a special event by creating your own fundraising campaign. Personalized campaigns let individuals, groups, and companies work together to make college possible for a deserving ScholarMatch student. After you’ve completed your campaign, you’ll be able to follow your student’s journey through update letters, and more. View current campaigns or read on for instruction on how to start one of your own.

Step 1: Select a title & occasion.

Most campaigns are created around an event such as a birthday, a wedding, or a retirement celebration, and are named accordingly…Or not! Be as creative as you’d like with your campaign and have fun.

Step 2: Choose a goal & describe your ideal scholar.

Student scholarship goals can vary from several hundred dollars to several thousand. Tell us what you think the fundraising goal should be for your campaign and what type of student you’d like to support. We’ll find the perfect “scholar match” for you & your campaign.

Step 3: Fill out the form & upload your photo.

Submit the form below, including a photo and/or video to use for your page, and a staff member will be in touch about setting up your campaign as soon as possible. Check out other pages below for ideas.

Step 4: Spread the word & change a life!

A ScholarMatch staffer will contact you once your campaign page is ready to go, usually within 2 business days. We’ll also share tips on how to get the word out to your family and friends. Then you’re set – launch your campaign and make a lasting difference in a student’s life!

Community Campaigns

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