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We're leveling the playing field

We believe that every student deserves a fair shot at college.

Founded by writer Dave Eggers, ScholarMatch empowers underserved students and supports them to achieve their college dreams. Our services span 7 years, supporting students through their entire college journey, from application to graduation, with 1:1 college advising, career development services, and robust college scholarships.

Meet Our Students

Jeronimo, San Jose State University

Meet Our Students

Diana, St. Olaf College

Meet Our Students

Cindy, UC Merced

Meet Our Students

Marakie, Notre Dame de Namur University

Meet Our Students

Jairo, UC Berkeley

Meet Our Students

Kai, Stanford University

Meet Our Students

Donzah, Guilford College

We're raising $500K to make college possible

Your generous support means a ScholarMatch student will be seven times more likely to graduate from college than similarly-situated peers.

Your gift supports:

Affordable Textbooks

The cost of college textbooks can easily stack up – in fact, according to the College Board, students spend up to $1,200 on textbooks alone per year.

ScholarMatch’s college scholarship ensures that financial barriers don’t stand in the way of students’ success by providing them with the funds to purchase textbooks, school supplies, and even costly technology.

Food Security

Unexpected financial challenges can simmer up at any time. With issues like food security becoming a huge epidemic on today’s college campuses, students need to know that they have funds to fall back on when things get tough.

Our Emergency Funds help ScholarMatch students take the bite out of financial obstacles that get in the way of graduation, including access to food and housing payments.

Activity Funds

First-generation college students often struggle with the feeling that they don’t belong on their campus, which can lead to lower academic achievement and persistence and can cause them to drop out at rates higher than their peers.

Through ScholarMatch’s Activity Funds, students can join clubs, travel to conferences, and build that crucial community piece on their campus.

A Fair Shot at College

Underserved students don’t have access to highly paid tutors, wealthy alumni networks, or even basic college application support.

ScholarMatch offers individualized college advising, career development support, and robust college scholarships that level the playing field for low-income, first-generation students.

Your generous support allows me to pursue my dreams. Your belief in me encourages me to persevere. I am, without a doubt, grateful for this community.

Anabell, UC Santa Cruz, c/o 2019

Our students beat the odds

81% of ScholarMatch students earn their bachelor’s degree within five years compared to 11% of low-income, first-generation students nationally. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the additional earning potential of this bachelor’s degree is nearly $1 million over the student’s career.

Supporting a student through our seven-year program, which averages a cost of $25,000, yields a financial return of $1,000,000, which is a return of 26 times the initial investment on a discounted basis. While impressive, what’s more important is the ripple effect that this college degree will have on the student’s family and community for generations to come that is truly priceless.

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