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Career Coach Resource Page

A one-stop-shop for career coaching with ScholarMatch!


  1. Review Best Practices for Coaching Students to make the most of each interaction!
  2. Understand your role as a volunteer in demonstrating the values of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  3. When a student is experiencing a crisis or emergency, please follow our guidelines

Career Resources

The Career Resources page features resources, job boards and internships that are curated by ScholarMatch staff. Students and coaches are invited to use resume and cover letter samples, articles about job search trends, and other resources during their meetings.

Career Milestones

Students are working diligently through the Career Milestones page to prepare for their careers.

As their Career Coach, you are encouraged to review the milestones and help our students stay on track.

Unresponsive Student Protocol

Have you been matched with a student who isn’t responding? Has your scholar gone radio silent after you began working together? We know from precedent that this, unfortunately, happens with a small number of our students each year, so we’ve created a guide to help you out and clarify our expectations.

Thanks in advance for your patience, persistence, and keeping us in the loop!

LinkedIn Group for Volunteers

Volunteers need support, too. Join our LinkedIn Group to connect with ScholarMatch volunteers across the nation. Ask questions, share best practices and resources, grow your own network and more!

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