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Academic Support Module 4

This is the Academic Support module 4 of 4.

Estimated time to complete is 45 minutes (including journal questions).

Deadline to complete this module no later than 1 week prior to session 4.



Read ?

Read Sections 7-12 of:  The Ultimate Guide to Kicking Ass This Semester (Start reading at the section titled  “The Trifecta of Building Knowledge”)


Watch ?


  1. Watch the 2nd half of: GRIT and Deliberate Practice (18-32 min)
  2. Complete the GRIT Scale Survey (2 min)
  3. Choose at least 1 new topic in the Crash Course Study Skills video playlist and watch the videos.  (You can do them in any order, so pick the one you’re most interested in).  


Reflect ?


Answer the following Journal Questions HERE (10-15 min)

  1. Last class you chose at least one new learning strategy to try out from one of the crash course videos you watched.  What strategy did you choose? Upload a pdf or picture of supporting work showing what you tried.
  2. When did you use it and how? (List the day(s) and what classes you tried this in).  
  3. Would you use this strategy again?  Why or why not?
  4. In the Phyzzle Article: What are the two different types of learning he describes?
  5. In the Phyzzle Article  – what are the 4 tactics he describes for putting it all together listed in the order you’re most interested in trying? Describe how each method works.
  6. What are the steps in the ADEPT model?
  7. What are the 4 recommendations Angela Duckworth gives in the video to develop GRIT?
  8. What purpose or greater meaning does your work have?  What Crash course video did you watch?
  9. What’s one new thing you learned from the Crash Course video?
  10. Give a summary of the techniques recommended in the order you’re most interested to try.  What about your first choice most intrigues you? Come prepared to our next class to discuss with the group what you learned from this video.


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