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Academic Support Module 3

This is the Academic Support module 3 of 4.

Estimated time to complete is 45 minutes (including journal questions).

Deadline to complete this module no later than 1 week prior to session 3.



Watch ?

1. Watch the first half of Anglea Duckworth’s video on GRIT & Deliberate Practice: (0-18 min)

2. Choose at least 1 new topic in the Crash Course Study Skills video playlist that you’re most interested in and watch the video for this. (10 min)

Complete ✅

Fill out the “I’ve Practiced” worksheet and upload to the journal form in the field for attachments. In the 2nd column, choose one of your classes this semester where you could try using deliberate practice. (5 min)

Reflect ?

Answer the following Journal Questions HERE (10-15 min)

  1. How does Angela Duckworth define GRIT?
  2. What are the steps in Deliberate Practice described by Angela Duckworth in the video?  What famous person did she use as an example when describing Deliberate Practice?
  3. What Crash course video did you watch?
  4. What’s one new thing you learned from the video?
  5. Give  a summary of the techniques recommended in the order you’re most interested to try.  What about your first choice most intrigues you? Come prepared to our next class to discuss with the group what you learned from this video.
  6. How have you used one of your top VIA strengths lately?
  7. What happiness habit have you tried since the last session?.  How many days have you successfully done the habit/used the strength you chose?   How has it been going? Did you try any apps to track your progress?
  8. What important but not-urgent task (from your priority grid) did you set a goal to work on in our last meeting and what focusing technique did you try to meet this goal?  What worked, and what was hard?
  9. In the last module, you chose to watch one crash course video. Have you tried the using the strategy you learned for a class?  When did you use it and how?
  10. Would you use this strategy again? Why or why not?

Attach the “I’ve Practiced” worksheet to the journal attachment field.

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