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Academic Support Module 2

This is the Academic Support module 2 of 4.Estimated time to complete is 45 minutes (including journal questions).

Deadline to complete this module no later than 1 week prior to session 2.



Read ?

Phyzzle Study Crashcourse: Prime the System (10 min)


Watch ?

The Study Cycle (6 min)


Choose at least one topic that most interests you from the Crash Course Study Skills videos  and watch the video (10 min).  (Choose the topic that most interests you, you don’t have to progress in order).  


Complete ✅


Fill out this priority matrix  (Priority Matrix)  and upload to the journal form in the field for attachments.  Include any items on your current to-do list.


Reflect ?


Answer the following Journal Questions HERE (10-15 min)

  1. What is something you’ve done well in the past couple of weeks in terms of your habits and or your study/time management?
  2. What is one goal you have this upcoming week in terms of your studying and/or time management?
  3. In our first class you chose a happiness habit you were going to try to use.  How has it been going? How many days have you successfully done the habit/used the strength you chose?   Did you try any apps to track your progress?
  4. What are the key parts of the study cycle described in the video? Give examples of how you have used any parts of the study cycle in the past week.
  5. What part(s) of the study cycle does the Phyzzle article address?
  6. The Phyzzle article lists 4 conditions that must be present for effective learning to occur.  What are they?
  7. What are the two types of learning described in the Phyzzle article and what’s the difference between them?
  8. What are the steps in the “brain dump” method described in the Phyzzle article?
  9. What are the 3 action suggestions for Priming the System listed in the Phyzzle Article?  Which one are you most interested in trying first?
  10. What Crash course video did you watch?
  11. What’s one new thing you learned in particular from the Crash Course video?  
  12. What’s a summary of the techniques recommended in the order you’re most interested to try?  Come prepared to our next class to discuss with the group what you learned from this video.
  13. Attach the priority matrix to the journal attachment field.


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