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Academic Support Module 1

This is the Academic Support module 1 of 4.
Estimated time to complete is 45 minutes (including journal questions).
Deadline to complete this module is prior to session 1.

Collaborative Academic Support Goals

The Collaborative Academic Support Sessions are designed to help students:

  • Examine and implement habits related to academic success:
    • Study skill habits
    • Time management habits
    • Happiness and well-being habits
  • Develop resiliency and determination to push past challenges.
  • Create a community of support with other ScholarMatch students.



Committed Engagement

  • Attendance: We expect you to be present at 4, 1-hour virtual collaborative sessions. Note: Absences will only be allowed in cases of emergencies and proper documentation will be required. In the event of an emergency, you will be required to make up the session with the lead advisor.
  • Forum Conversations: To support you in building a strong academic toolkit for college success, in between collaborative sessions your advisor will share tips and additional resources via a Slack group discussion forum. We expect you will engage in conversations via Slack by responding to the questions posed by your advisor and to at least one comment from a peer each week.
  • Pre-work Modules: To gain the most out of the academic support sessions prior to each session, you are required to complete a learning module. Each module will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.  The learning module may require you to read short articles, watch short videos and complete activities. You will also reflect on each of the readings, videos or activities by completing a set of short reflection questions.  The modules are meant to help you prepare for the session.



Please inform the session lead advisor via text or email when you will be tardy or if an emergency arises that will interfere with you attending. Proper documentation will be required to justify an absence due to an emergency.


1:1 Meetings

You will continue to meet with your ScholarMatch advisor this term; however, you will only meet with your advisor once per month, as you will be attending collaborative sessions once per month. Your advisor will check in on how you are doing academically, socially and emotionally in college, and will also check in with you regarding what you are learning in the collaborative sessions.


Please note: your scholarship eligibility is contingent on you meeting these expectations. Failure to meet these expectations will place your scholarship in jeopardy.


Read ?

Read Sections 1-5 of:  The Ultimate Guide to Kicking Ass This Semester (You can stop reading after you finish the “Goldilocks Principle”)  (10 minutes)


Watch ?

Watch: How to Start a New Semester the Right Way (8 min video)


Watch:  How Habits Work (3 min)


Complete ✅

  1. Complete the VIA Signature Survey of Strengths (15 min)
  2. Download the free Slack app on your phone and/or computer via Apple Apps or Google Play. Upload a photo and tell us your name, major, college attending and fun fact.  (5 min)

During this term, we will be sharing tips and resources via this online platform. You will receive an email invitation to join the Slack group. Submit your first post to introduce yourself to your group.


Reflect ?

Answer the following Journal Questions HERE.  (Approximately 10 minutes)

  1. What would your “perfect semester” look like? If you had unlimited energy, discipline, and motivation….What would you do? How would it feel?
  2. In the Ultimate Guide to Kicking Ass This Semester, what are some of the tools and tricks he recommends to combat the motivation problem?  Rank them in the order you’re most interested in trying.
  3. In the Ultimate Guide to Kicking Ass This Semester, what is the Goldilocks Principle?
  4. In the “How To Start the Semester the Right Way Video”, what are all the tips he suggests trying in the beginning of the semester?  List them in the order you’re most interested in trying.
  5. What is one of the habits you had from last semester that increased your happiness/well being (or one that you would like to start)?
  6. What is one of your current study habits? (good or bad). Can you identify the 3 parts of the habit loop for that habit?  
  7. What are your top 5 VIA strengths?  What is one way that you’ve used one of your top strengths in the past week?


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