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College Acceptances are Rolling In!

College acceptances are trickling in, and we can’t wait to see which colleges our students will be attending in the fall! Congratulations to two of our scholarship recipients, Annie and Angel, who recently committed to the University of Michigan! Despite being twins, they’re pursuing different major and career paths, with the mutual goal of creating lasting impact on their communities.

Annie, who intends to major in Biomedical Engineering, fell in love with the sciences after her internship with the Asthma Collaboratory at UCSF. There, she strengthened her Python programming skills, learned about the importance of genetic variation, and conducted a genome-wide association analysis of early life respiratory illnesses. Annie aspires to continue research while in college and hopefully discover a scientific breakthrough!

Motivated by her passion to help others in need, Angel is excited to major in Psychology while in college. From using her active listening skills to support students at her school with mental health challenges, to creating public service announcements and videos that encourage holistic support services for human trafficking victims, Angel has made a deep commitment to end the stigma around mental health within underserved communities.

Scholar Spotlight: Eduardo Advocates for College Affordability

When UCLA student Eduardo isn’t studying for midterms, conducting research on recidivism rates at California prisons, or applying for summer internships at law firms, he is an active student voice on campus. While only in his second year of college, Eduardo plays a prominent role within UCLA’s student body government, using his voice to advocate for issues that he cares about. Most recently, Eduardo spoke at a UC Board of Regents meeting to protest a $1,000 tuition hike for non-California residents.

“This increase would have directly impacted out-of-state students, international students, and undocumented students that are ineligible for receiving federal financial aid,” Eduardo told us. “Students across the state, including myself, spent weeks preparing for this vote that happened here at UCLA by collecting petition signatures and providing public comment at the UC Board of Regents meeting.”

We’re proud of Eduardo for standing up for what he believes in and speaking out to keep college accessible for all students. Way to go, Eduardo!

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