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April Newsletter

Happy April! We hope that you’re continuing to have good health and high spirits. This is an uncertain and anxious time for many, so we’ve created this newsletter with the intention of spreading light and hope to our community. Whether you’re searching for ways to support those impacted by COVID-19, compiling resources for high school students, or cooking up creative ideas to keep yourself or your family entertained, we hope this newsletter brings you joy!

Yes, these are challenging times that we are up against. But, even though we are spaced further apart, we know we will get through this difficult time together.

In community,

Quick Tips!

Here are simple and quick ways you can make a difference with your dollar.

  • If you normally commute to work, consider donating your commute funds to a non-profit or charitable organization that’s supporting individuals impacted by COVID-19 (don’t forget to use your company’s matching gift program!)
  • Know someone who’s about to graduate? Buy them a gift card from a local business as a grad gift
  • Our friends at McSweeney’s share tips on supporting independent bookstores and booksellers

Support local San Francisco businesses

We’re grateful to work in partnership with businesses in the San Francisco Mission District that have gone above and beyond to support our work – from hosting restaurant and community fundraisers to providing scholarships for our students. Please consider supporting these businesses that have done so much to uplift our students:

Tees & Totes Make College Possible!

Need some new items to add to your shelter-in-place wardrobe? Our founder Dave Eggers designed these items for sale, with 100% of proceeds supporting ScholarMatch students as they navigate new financial challenges brought by COVID-19. Buy your tee or tote by April 7th to help make college possible!

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Resources for Students & Counselors

Information for college access professionals to promote student success.

Activities for individuals and families