2016 College Honor Roll is here!


The 2016 ScholarMatch Honor Roll is here!

For the second consecutive year, ScholarMatch has worked with the White House and its college database to analyze 1,400 U.S. colleges and universities. Our results, compiled in a list we call the ScholarMatch Honor Roll, come at an important time as America’s high school seniors (21% of whom don’t have access to a school counselor) are choosing which colleges they should apply for. Our analysis includes metrics that are specifically relevant for students from households earning less than $50k, such as loan default rates and average debt load at graduation for this income bracket. Our rankings cut through perceived school reputation and instead draw to the top institutions that are truly offering robust student support and achieving excellent outcomes with this population. You might be surprised at who makes the cut.

Low-income students searching for colleges can be overwhelmed by the thousands of choices and confusing lists, so we showcase our list in a simple-easy-to-use search tool, ScholarMatcher, which only includes the excellent institutions on our Honor Roll. You can see the need for a tool like this in the stats. The key is to help these students early so they don’t “undermatch” – a phenomenon that leads low-income & first-gen students to apply only to schools beneath their qualifications. The ScholarMatcher can deliver college-counseling assistance to low-income students all across the country, for free. With just a few clicks, students can create a list of appropriate schools, which have been carefully screened and graded specifically for low-income students.

Read more about our tool in this White House Fact Sheet, in this article in Fast Company, this article in the Wall Street Journal, and in this recent New York Times piece.